15 November 2021Private Fostering

Private Fostering is when a child under the age of 16 (or under 18 if disabled) is being or it is intended that they are, looked after for more than 28 days by someone who is not a parent, person with parental responsibility or a close relative.

Private Fostering must be reported to the local authority, if you are a young person, family member, carer, or member of the public you can ring 01482 395500 or for more information visit https://www.erscp.co.uk/


04 November 2021Financial Support for Residents

The past 19 months has been a very unsettling time for many residents, with some people losing their job, furlough support ending and the temporary £20 uplift of universal credit and tax credits ending. There is financial help available for residents, which could ease some financial pressures.

To find out if you are eligable use the council’s online benefit calculator, at https://eastriding.entitledto.co.uk it’s free to use, anonymous and will help you see what benefits you can claim and tell you how to apply. If you need support to make an application, call  on (01482) 393939, however it is quicker to apply online using the links provided.

For more information on Financial Supprort please go to https://eastriding.gov.uk/financialinfo

26 October 2021Modification of the Definitive Map

East Riding Council is considering an application for a Modification of the Definitive Map regarding the footpath along Townend Road, running between Hunsley Road and Little Weighton Road. 

If you support the application and have used the route please complete the forms below and return to: Councillor Hearne, 25 All Hallows Road, Walkington, HU17 8SH.  If you require assistance please call Councillor Hearne on 01482 868310

User Evidence Form


If you are in objection to the application please download the letter below, complete the form at the bottom and return to: Martin Gore, 2 Shire View, Walkington, HU17 8TN.  If you require assistance please call Martin Gore on 01482 864430

Opposition Letter

23 September 2021Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Weekend 2022

Plans have been announced for The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Weekend and are available on the website https://www.royal.uk/platinum-jubilee-central-weekend

06 September 2021Countryside Code Update

Natural England have refreshed and updated the Countryside Code, please click on the following link to view and or download a copy.  

Countryside Code

For more information please visit the Countryside Code page on the .gov website: www.gov.uk/countryside-code

21 June 2021Free Employment Support Service

free employment support service image and link

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For more information text INFO to 07419 988588

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